Live Room: Our live room or drum room as we call it is 21’ x 22’ and boasts a superior ceiling design with its angled ceilings and very large space arrays for sound diffusion. All of its walls are slightly angled to give us a clearer picture of the sound we are recording.

Control Room: The studio control room offers a beautiful, spacious unique design. The control room is a 17’ x 18’ room with angled walls and ceilings to give you the best quality possible, it is best to see it to believe it.

Vocal Booth 1: Our first ISO Booth is 7’ x 9’ .This room incudes two beautiful windows for proper line of sight to the main Live Room as well as to the Control Room mixing console.

Amp Room 2: Our second ISO Booth is 6’ x 7’ and also has a very unique design for the sound diffusion .

Isolation Booth 3: Our third ISO Booth is 7’ x 34’, this room also has a very large window overlooking the Live Room.